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'Amazing Race' Sends 'Clubhouse' to Saturday Bench

(Wednesday, October 20 11:00 AM)

LOS ANGELES ( CBS isn't benching struggling freshman drama "Clubhouse," but the network seems to have decided that the show isn't worthy of a place in its starting rotation. The network has cleared out the Tuesday 9 p.m. ET time slot for "The Amazing Race 6," sending "Clubhouse" off to the weekend, effective immediately.
The latest "Amazing Race" will have a two-hour premiere on Tuesday, Nov. 16. "Clubhouse" will make its Saturday 8 p.m. premiere on Nov. 6.

"Clubhouse" hasn't been a total failure, averaging 9.18 million viewers for its first two episodes, but the show has lost around five million viewers per week from its lead-in "NCIS," which has become a clear hit in its second season. In addition, CBS' decision to add "Clubhouse" and drop reliable veteran "The Guardian" was done in the hopes of attracting younger viewers, but the baseball series has failed to deliver in the 18-49 demographic.

In its past two weeks, the fictional diamond action of "Clubhouse" has been smacked around by FOX's coverage of real playoff baseball. "Clubhouse" will now become the only scripted series to air new Saturday episodes on any network.
"Clubhouse" moves into the time slot originally set aside for the latest installment of "Amazing Race." CBS scheduled the Jerry Bruckheimer reality show for Saturdays before "Amazing Race 5" developed into a summer ratings hit for the network, following four seasons of solid, but unremarkable ratings.

In addition to averaging 10.73 million viewers per week during the summer, making it the season's most watched reality offering, "Amazing Race" won its second consecutive Emmy for outstanding reality program

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i would LOVE to be part of this community.. just post something in my journal thank you!

lovin jeremy
hey. i would also like to join the community! i love jeremy sumpter....sorry to tell yall and i dont know if yall know yet or not but clubhouse was cancelled. i dont know why but i read it on his website and he jsut said that it was broke my heart! well let me know if i can join!